Are you ready

(To your health, that is!)

Do you want to cancel out dis-ease and create wellness in your body?
Do you want to boost your energy and look and feel 10 years younger?
All while having a healthy side order of weight-loss?
How about achieving all of this – in only 6 short weeks?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place!

Welcome to Chef Tina Jo’s Wellness Warriors
and my Clean and Lean EATS Program and Purium’s Core3.

Chef Tina Jo

Hi, I’m Chef Tina Jo!

— yes, that’s me, the international award-winning gourmet vegan chef.

And something you may not know about me…
I’m also certified in whole food nutrition.  For years I’ve studied, searched, created, and coached many in their quest for wellness. I’ve had amazing successes and, many times, I’ve come up short. It was in those times of not achieving the ultimate wellness goal for my clients that kept me searching and kept me striving to bring you the very best that wellness has to offer.

Well, gang, I am THRILLED to tell you…
PURIUM is the yummiest, best detox program for managing wellness AND weight… And you can take this all the way to the Build-Yourself-A-Better-Body bank: when nothing else has worked like you hoped it would, the Core3 combined with my Clean and Lean EATS program will be the plan that really can help you get to your wellness goals.

Wanna Know Why?

I Wanna Know!

Purium is pure plant fuel.

Are you ready to feel amazing?

  • Be Good or Be Gone! These are high-fiber, nutrient-dense, organic, non-GMO foods, that actually taste GOOD.
  • Metabolic Boosting that Works. Focus your size-shredding furnace on FAT (instead of muscle that regular “diets” burn up). The secret is a natural product available only from Purium.
  • Dine like a Diva. Still keep money in your Pocket. Get nutrients from dozens of Certified USDA organic vegetables, fruits and medicinal mushrooms… at a fraction of what you’d pay at even the best grocery stores and farmer’s markets.
  • Ready to begin feeling fantastic… fast? Then come kick your cravings… strengthen your digestive system… improve your energy during the day AND your rest at night… all at the same time.
Yes! Tell Me More!

Oh yeah – check out the best part:

You’ll shed 5 – 20 pounds of fat — while you fill up on nutritious, scrumptious foods — in the first 10 days!

Sure, you may already know…
that a well-balanced diet is critical to your well-being.  Yet sometimes it’s still hard to get to the foods that are good for you.  Sometimes we can’t find time to cook.  Sometimes we can’t afford fancy equipment, like juicers and special blenders.  And sometimes nutritional information we get from one place conflicts with what we learn from someplace else.

So, sometimes, it just seems easier…
to throw up our hands and make some mac-and-cheesy comfort food and try to feel good about our choice – until the next morning, that is, when our pants are just a wee bit tighter from the bloat and water retention. And our sinuses are clogged from mucus due to the dairy and are minds are foggy from the additives. The worst part, you wake up starving because there was NO REAL nutrition in what you ate!

Ready for an easy way

to get healthy, feel energized, and lose weight?
Yes! Tell Me More!

I want you to feel your best!

Come get all (and I do mean “all”) the nourishment your body needs from nutrient-DENSE organic foods: Protein, Fruits and Vegetables. Protein to build muscles* Fruits for repairing oxidative damage* Vegetables for fueling cells .

Come feel FULL all day without having to figure out a bunch of complicated recipes or bulky equipment. Come rediscover what it’s like to have days full of energy AND nights of truly rest-filled sleep.

And best of all, come to a place of looking better and feeling stronger than you may have in a very long time!

Let’s take a closer look at how the program works,
and everything that’s included!


How it all works

Just 6 Weeks to a New You!

Phase 1 — Back to Basics with Clean and Lean EATS

We’ll begin with a gentle 3 day, whole-food based cleanse. Yes, you will be cutting out lots of things you might normally eat, like meat, wheat, processed foods, dairy and caffeine; but the payoff is SO worth it and you will start feeling lighter and tighter soon!

You’ll be boosting your nutritional intake and supporting your digestive tract simply by removing these common allergens. Each day eat meals that are rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and lots of leafy greens.

Phase 2 — The Core3 Accelerated Program

This second phase is a 10-day slurping session on 3 superfood smoothies a day – this is NOT a fast!  The great part is that this is where we really get our energy revved up so we’re shining bright!

And don’t worry:  you’ll never feel hungry or deprived because these drinks are nutrient rich and loaded with fuel that will fill you up.  In fact, you’ll feel renewed, rejuvenated and, perhaps, more alive than you’ve ever felt before! PLUS you’ll be feasting on fabulous flex foods like, avocados, apples, watermelon, broccoli and so much more throughout the day!

Phase 3 — A Happier, Healthier You with Core3 Daily and Clean and Lean EATS

The final phase is your 30 day continuation back to yummy, whole foods while sipping on scrumptious smoothies for breakfast.  And this is where a new kind of fun begins!  With your renewed sense of self, high energy levels, and some mad recipes in hand (provided by yours truly), you can experiment with your meals to customize what you eat to fit what your new body actually likes.  You’ll learn how to add in some new nutrient-rich foods that are totally tasty.  You’ll get to play with meals that are super-easy, quick, and deeply nourishing.  And best of all, you’ll finish your adventure feeling your absolute best and ready to take on your renew life ahead!

Yes, I want to become a Wellness Warrior!

Come get everything you need to transform your health!

Here’s what you get when you become a Wellness Warrior with me:

  1. Clean and Lean EATS e-book with 10 Lip Smacking, Scrumptious, Vegan Recipes to help you prepare for your slurping feast and transition back to healthy solid whole plant based foods!
  2. Clean and Lean EATS Chocolate e-book with 10 Decadent Desserts that will tantalize your taste buds and shrink your waistline! Yes, you can have your cake and get fit too! I PROMISE!
  3. Clean and Lean EATS Dressing e-book with 10 Simple Salad Dressing Recipes, that will keep the flavor factor high, while providing you with fat burning ingredients to keep your waistline tight! Forget those expensive store bought dressings laden with sugars and artificial ingredients!
  4. Healthy Pantry and Kitchen Staples, to help you transition to wellness; we’ll begin where the problem starts, your plate. I’ll guide you in how to purge what doesn’t work and re-stock with what does. No more scratching your head staring off at the endless items in the aisles of your local store. Now you’ll be armed as a true Wellness Warrior for a lifetime of continued success.
  5. Planning meals can be FUN and now it will be EASY with my weekly Clean and Lean EATS printable take- a- long meal planner. Whether you are cooking for one, two or for your entire family, taking the time to sit down and plan future meals will not only save you time, effort and money, but it will also help you EAT clean and lean.
  6. Coaching Emails and Support to encourage you and guide you along your wellness journey!
  7. Members Only Club a private Wellness Warriors Facebook group to share experiences, recipes, resources and a whole other community of wellness lifers to double you success through Food, Fun and Fitness!
  8. One-on-One 30 Minute Coaching Call, need some extra guidance? I’m your gal! Here you’ll get encouragement, support, accountability and love. You are NEVER alone when you become a Wellness Warrior, I’ll be with you every step of the way!
  9. My Gift To You. Act today and receive $50.00 OFF by using my Gift Code ChefTinaJo (all one word NO spaces) and get your wellness journey underway!
  10. Guaranteed Satisfaction This program comes with a complete 60 day money back guarantee! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

A personal message from Chef Tina Jo:

This is a VERY special and unusual offer.

My program normally costs $295.00, BUT with the purchase of your Purium Core3 Pack my program and books are FREE. In fact, you’ll get lifetime updates for any future programs and books as well.

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Ready to get started? Here’s how!

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  4. 5 days later (to allow for shipping) your coaching emails will begin – this is a great day to start the program!
Yes, I want to become a Wellness Warrior!